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2020-07-28 20:11:387
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Mobile Application, Web Application
Schulestate is an automated software solution developed with a major focus on the management, compliance, and monitoring of school assets and estates i.e buildings, farms, appliances, back-up generator, and many others. The software will enable centralized management of these estates and will be used by school administrators like directors of the school, procurement manager, and maintenance managers who access it on mobile devices.

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Users Authentication The system will be able to authorize the and limit the different user groups to access different information from the system and this will be enabled by making sure that each stake holder is
Download and printing of reports. Authorized users will be able to preview, download and print the reports from the system whenever they will be needed.
Emailing The system will be able to allow the users to send Emails to the required personnel. For example the procurement manager may need to send a purchase order to the supplier.
Reporting. The system will be able to provide the users with both the detailed and the summarized reports whenever needed example the Directors may need to a summarized report on all the estates in the
Create/Remove an asset. This function will allow the authorized user to add a new asset that has been brought to the school and also able to remove an asset.
Monitoring This function will help in tracking every expenditure that is made on each and every asset in the school. This assists in budgeting for succeeding financial years and trace the performance of
Add/Remove/Edit User This function will allow the authorized user to add, edit and remove a user account in case it is required.
Manage Personal account. All users of the school asset management and monitoring system will be able to manage their accounts that is to say change their login credentials, delete account, login and logout
Back up This function will allow the authorized users to back up all the data in the database at any time and this will reduce total loss of the school information.
Placing Orders The system will allow the authorized users to create and place order ie the purchase order. This will clearly show the list of items to be purchased, their quantities and the costs. Not only
Capture suppliers and their catalogue. The system will be able to capture the details of the suppliers plus the list of the items that they have which will always be referred to whenever a purchase of an item is required.
Procurement. The processes under procurement will be simplified by the system. The following are the product sub functions that will support the procurement process. Requests. The system will be able to
Purchase. This function will allow the authorized users to approve the purchase of a given item. This will also be supported by the following functionalities. List of suppliers. Under the purchase, th
Sms notification. This function will allow all the responsible users that is to say the board of directors, Asset/ estate managers, and accountants to receive text Sms on a very transaction that may have taken

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