Muhumuza Joshua
2020-07-28 19:48:537
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HingiCredit is an automated credit risk analysis system that will be used to assess the creditworthiness of farmers requesting loans from financial institutions. This system will use risk factors that influence production and market for farmers and as a result will match farmers to the financial institutions that are to provide the loans within the calculated risk score.

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Calculate a credit in- dex/score for loan applicants (farmers) basing on the data provided HingiCredit system is to calculate a credit in-dex/score for loan applicants (farmers) basing on the data provided by the system user (credit institutions). The data shall include majorly con
Capture user form data The system should enable capture of form data by users (financial institutions) to be analyzed by the trained model which then predicts the credit score/index of the farmer.
Data cleaning The system should perform data cleaning as a way of validating the data to remove false values and empty values from the data provided by the system users.
Store uploaded data The system should also store uploaded data into a database for future use in retraining the data analysis model to ensure increased accuracy in the predictions made.
Generate reports The system should generate reports to aid in the interpretation of the credit risk index returned to the system user which in turn shall help them in decision making while issuing out loans
System configuration The system should be configurable especially on the system administrator's side. This is to restrict usage to only registered users, to maintain a high-level security from attackers and to

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