Muhumuza Joshua
2020-07-28 15:08:397
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BantuSente is a Crowd-Funding platform that acts as a matchmaker between donors and likely recipients that enables donors to directly fund projects, ventures, or causes for the good of community within Ugandan. It provides a perfect medium because it allows a call for funds from a much wider audience around the world, helps the donors get direct accountability from communities for the donated funds by providing updated project reports with evidence to the donors for projects that would otherwise have not accessed to funds through usual donor channels. This portal provides people a platform to request and get funds and account for the funds in a transparent way. It enhances and simplifies interaction and communication between the donors and those seeking donations.

Project Team

Name Role
Kamulegeya Grace Bugembe Solutions Architect/CTO
Kaluuma Hillary Software development, Analysis and Design
Kaboha Jean Mark Kairumba Software development, Analysis and Design
Mwesigwa David Keneth Software developer, Data Collection
Okuja Allan Joshua Software development, Analysis and Design

Project Features

Feature Name Feature Descritpion
Integrated payment This feature will provide end-to-end handling of donor payments.
Self help This feature allows for a community project to self-provision by creating a project account for which donations and reporting will be done by project managers in the community.
Approve and upload the vetted requests The system allows the administrator to approve and hence upload only the vetted requests for funding.
Advertises fundraising campaigns The system advertises fundraising campaigns to the donors who support those drives and are passionate about those causes.
Accountability reports The system enables accountability reports to be uploaded to the system by Seekers and displayed next to their drives so as to show transparency.
Generates reports The system generates reports for each donation showing the donors, time, donation amount, percentage increased and does statistics using this data displaying using a line graph.

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