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2020-08-12 17:38:057
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Mobile Application, Web Application, Middleware component
FedhaRisk is an artificial intelligence-driven financial risk analysis platform to assess the creditworthiness of SMEs based on risk factors identified in their business practices. These risk factors include the credit history of the client SME, turnover, sales inventory, number of employees, among others. The aim was to help to determine the credit rating score of the SMEs and to enable them to apply for loans from the financial institutions. The credit rating report will be used to advise SMEs on areas and practices in their business where they can improve. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda, are small business enterprises employing between 5 and 49 employees and have total assets value of between 10 million and 100 million Uganda shillings. The medium enterprise employs between 50 and 100 employees with a total assets value of more than 50 million but not exceeding 360 million. SMEs in Uganda are often denied credit by financial institutions such as banks, Micro-Finance institutions because they find it risky to give loans to them.

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SME user self registration The SMEs register to use the platform
Capture of Risk data from SMEs SME shall submit data in a form. The data shall include: sales inventory in a formatted (excel or csv file), fixed assets (excel or csv file), credit history, turnover (excel or csv file),
Credit score calculation Predict the credit risk score of a given SME depending on the data that was submitted in by an SME/financial institution

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