Kamulegeya Grace Bugembe
2020-08-12 16:42:187
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Mobile Application, Web Application
MpekeXchange is a futures and forwards grain exchange and grain trading system that will help farmers reduce their exposure to the risk of falling grain prices and also avail ready market for them remotely. The produce buyers will protect themselves from the unpredicted issues related to inconsistent supply and poor quality from farmers. The unpredictability of the market forces and their influence on the market has repeatedly forced farmers to sell their produce below market price yet they could fetch better prices with a little wait.

Project Team

Name Role
Kamulegeya Grace Solutions Architect and Supervisor
Nakooli Elizabeth Software Engineer
Namusoke Priscilla Kirabo Software Engineer
Nandege Maxensia Victoria Software Documentation
Etiang Jeremiah Ronald Software Engineer and Documentation

Project Features

Feature Name Feature Descritpion
Futures creation Administrators will create a tradeable digital future representing value for a stored quantity of maize in the warehouse
Bid and purchase futures The available grain futures are listed and different buyers can purchase and trade them on the platform
Register warehouse Provide all the details about a given warehouse
Update virtual grain inventory The warehouse operators update the virtual grain inventory when the grain is delivered or checked-out from the warehouse
Make Payments The buyer will make online payments using MTN mobile money
Receive notifications on forward contract status Buyers and farmers are reminded when their contracts are reaching maturity, or about any information concerning a given forward contract.
Monitor system and view reports The administrator monitors all current and past reports about the portal operations, forwards contracts and futures.
Search for items (projects) A search facility for users to search for what they would like to see

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