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2020-08-03 13:45:367
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Mobile Application, Web Application, Embedded/IoT System
XCES Vehicle Load Monitoring System is inbuilt within a vehicle to control overloading in heavy trucks and passenger vehicle carrying vehicles by stopping the vehicle engine from starting in case the vehicle is overloaded. Using a weight sensor, the system is able to measure the current weight of the loaded vehicle and then evaluate whether it exceeds the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or not. If the current weight exceeds the GVWR, the system concurrently stops the vehicle engine from starting and notifies the driver about the overload by making an alarm sound and blinking a warning light in the driver’s dashboard. In case the system is tampered with, compromised, or damaged by cutting wire connections or short-circuited, an SMS text message is sent to road authorities using a GSM hardware device to alert them of the system breach.

Project Team

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Ekisa Rodney Simon Osomi software documentation and Report

Project Features

Feature Name Feature Descritpion
Control overload in heavy vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles. The system should be able to weigh the overall weight of the vehicle ,compare it with the optimum predefined weight of the vehicle and when the measured weight exceeds the predefined optimum
Notify the driver and authorities The system should alert the driver until the excess weight is offloaded and In case the system is tampered with in form of cutting wire connections, it will be able to alert authorities by s

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