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2020-08-03 13:19:197
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Mobile Application, Web Application, Embedded/IoT System
Nsolotrac is a wildlife tracking system that’s will be used in Uganda to track and monitor various wildlife animals in several large and scattered game parks and game reserves. Currently, wild animals have become safety and security threats to communities due to the encroachment of people into their habitats. Nsolotrac is a system aimed to keep wildlife within the marked areas of a given game park or reserve on in the geo-fenced map. The system will alert the responsible personnel incases the wild animals to escape out of these marked areas. They can thus be tracked and rescued before they can cause harm to human life and destroy property in the neighboring communities of the game park as well as protect them from being killed by communities. Wildlife adds a very substantial amount to the GDP of Uganda through tourism. The tourists visit these national parks but spend days tracking wildlife of interest with intermediaries like tourists park guides. This is normally time-consuming and tourists are at times left frustrated and tired at the end of their safaris. This system will equally be used in such kinds of engagements.

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An embedded chip tagged on animals to use a centralized server. This is a special functionality of the system compared to other tracking systems available. The mobile application is used by the responsible personnel (game rangers and the admin) to receive
Track and monitor wild animals. Wildlife Tracking System should track and monitor wild animals to keep within a given game park .
Notify responsible personnel. The system should alert the responsible personnel in case the animal escape.

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