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2020-08-03 11:37:137
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Mobile Application, Web Application
UgaFarm is a mobile application that enables farmers to manage information about their poultry farms that included planning, management, sales, and finance. The farmer is starting a poultry business will able to plan their business under the planning module of the app. Here, the farmers enter information about their business like capital, amount of space, etc and the app generates an estimated costing budget report. This will enable the farmer to make business decisions from an informed point of view. During the running of the poultry business, the farmer will use the management module to view their daily to-do list, record, view expenses incurred, and make reports. On maturity of the poultry, and ready for sale, the farmer records information about the sales under the sales and finance module which enables the business owner to keep track of their books of accounts. The UgaFarm solution is meant to help both the experienced and in-experienced poultry Famers in controlling, managing, tracking, and monitoring the whole farming project from the arrival of the poultry through the development stage to point when the farmer is selling off the products.

Project Team

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Project Features

Feature Name Feature Descritpion
Budget creation The users shall input their capital to generate an estimated budget breakdown
check daily activities reports The system shall enable users to check reports of how daily activities are taken
products on sale The farmer shall post his/her products on sale
update daily activities The system shall enable users to update daily activities.
check products on sale The system shall enable unregistered users to check products on sale
Create user account (user Authentication) The system shall allow users to register. The system shall allow registered users to login.
update staff members The farmer shall update staff members in the registered farm.

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