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2020-08-03 09:55:137
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Mobile Application, Web Application, Embedded/IoT System
Kamata is an integrated exam surveillance system for multisite administered examinations. For example, exams administered by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB). National examination bodies like UNEB can remotely monitor examinations and ongoing activities that take place at school centers. A designated expert and the UNEB IT expert will monitor this system. This system is designed to reduce cheating in examinations. This centralized multisite monitoring system will enable examination bodies like UNEB, institutions, schools, colleges, and universities that have satellite campuses to establish and monitor exams through standardized examination procedures and reduce overheads in surveillance and monitoring of active examinations. National examination bodies like UNEB will designate officers remotely manage, control, communicate, and monitor multiple examination centers to ensure minimal cheating by students and related to exam malpractices. These officers will include on-ground exam supervisors, IT experts, and the UNEB administrators at the UNEB head offices.

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set examination time. Kamata consists of a timer for setting the starting time and ending time for the examination session, and it makes an alarm at the beginning and at the end of the exam.
Save and retrieve subject details It allows each subject details to be saved separately so that its retrieval can be executed very easily, and data like captured images, database data and videos will be stored for future refe
Preview taken images and recorded videos The system consist of the module for previewing taken images and recorded videos with their title and description in the scroll list panel and files can be deleted at any time.
Video recording , image capturing and uploads The system allows auto video recording and image capturing, and uploads images and videos automatically to the UNEB server when the internet is available.
Synchronise data Kamata system consist of both SQLITE and MYSQL database which provide potential to synchronise data between client and the server.
Monitor ongoing process inside examination rooms using live cameras. Computer software that will monitor ongoing process inside examination rooms using live cameras, which will keep on reporting to the examination invigilators about ongoing activities inside e

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