Muhumuza Joshua
2020-08-03 09:14:427
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Web Application, Embedded/IoT System
LABA is a low-cost electronic travel aid equipped with sensors, vibration motor, and a sound IC that provide information about the environment. Information may include water on the ground and obstacles like stones within the pathway of the user. The system immediately alerts the user (visually impaired) through vibrations and sound alerts whenever they come close to an object in their pathway. LABA enables the blind to move with minimal or no accidents and at much more ease. The product is powered by a rechargeable battery and uses ultrasonic sensors to detect objects at a distance of fewer than four meters in the visually impaired person’s pathway. The water sensor simply detects the presence of water on the ground when the white cane gets in touch with the water. This enables the user to avoid stepping in the water. Detection of the water is done no matter how deep it is. The user is notified of all these detections through sound alerts in the earphones that are connected to sound IC located within the white cane handle. The cane’s unidirectional rolling tip enables the user to avoid the need to constantly lift the cane off the ground.

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Feature Name Feature Descritpion
Warning to the user System should produce shock vibrations as a warning to the user about any obstacles ahead.
Detect obstacles The system should detect any obstacles that the user of the white cane may collide with.
Sound alerts The system should produce sound alerts as a warning to the user about any obstacles ahead.
Drag the cane enabled by the unidirectional roller tip The system should easily drag the cane enabled by the unidirectional roller tip.
Detect water on the surface The system should detect water on the surface which the user is moving on.

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