Muhumuza Joshua
2020-08-03 08:56:227
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Mobile Application, Web Application, Embedded/IoT System
Basing on the fact the use of plastic is growing in Uganda by beverage factories, there is close to no measure put in place for collecting and recycling them yet there are recycling plants in place but with an insufficient supply of the waste plastics as part of raw materials. street as an automated plastic refuse collection dustbin in an urban setting is a device. It will be used by users and recycling plants in such a way that the users are to be motivated through a rewards system. In the reward system, when a user deposits a waste plastic bottle into StreetRat, digital coins will be deposited into his virtual account depending on the number of bottles deposited. The coins are converted into actual money that is sent to the users' mobile money account.

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Barcodes on the bottles The machine shall allow the user to place the barcodes on the bottles near the barcode scanner to take the reading and then throw waste plastic in the machine.
Scan received waste plastic The machine shall then scan the received waste plastic by infra-redand identify whether it matches with the specific plastic properties.
Dispense money (coin). The machine shall dispense money (coin) for the accepted waste plastic.
Display all procedure/guidelines The machine shall display all procedure/guidelines on how to use the machine on the LCD."

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