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2020-07-29 10:16:557
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DawaTrack is a national drug monitoring and reporting System that graphically analyses and tracks the usage of drugs that are distributed by the National Medical Stores to the different government health centers in Uganda. The goal of the system is to improve the accurate distribution of drugs in the health centers based on drug consumption trends. The current National Medical Stores distribution system is manual largely. This system comprises two main modules namely the management information system and the prescription and dispensing log. The purpose of the management information system is for reporting and monitoring in order to provide valuable and timely decision support to the stakeholders for effective actions. While prescription and the dispensing log is the module that feeds the central database with the current stock levels and the health center needs ahead of time to eliminate delays in delivery and wastage.

Project Team

Name Role
Vincent Candiga Developer
Manzede Benard Developer
Joshua Avinyia Developer
Alex Mwotil Project Advisor

Project Features

Feature Name Feature Descritpion
Process health facility orders The system should process health facility orders
Visualize drug usage pattern and distribution The system should be able visualize drug usage pattern and distribution
Send orders The system should allow health centers to send orders
Generate drug orders The system should automatically generating drug orders for health facilities
Save order records The system should keep record of orders
Determine the available stock The system should determine the available stock level
Compute the annual EMHS credit line budget The system should compute the annual EMHS credit line budget and the budget per cycle
Monitor and track credit line balances The system should monitor and track credit line balances for each health facilities
Monitor disease distribution and improvement The system should monitor disease distribution and improvement for specific diseases
Predict health center drug needs The system should predict health center drug needs based on the seasons and usage history
Measure performance of health facilities The system should measure performance of health facilities

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